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Can Safety be Sexy? We wanted to know.

Wednesday June 5, we hosted a Twitter chat for June Home Safety month titled, Can Safety be Sexy? We wanted to find out designers' strategies to turn the conversation around about safety and design in the kitchen and bath.  Click here for a transcript.

Designing with safety in mind is ageless.  Follow these tips to promote greater safety in each area of your home.  Have anything to add? Be a part of the conversations and tweet us your suggestion @AFriendlyHouse.


Safety checklist: Basics for a friendly house 63aac4b9f5a1043ab8695cd9c3bf343a

How do you determine if a house has the foundation to support you longterm? What questions do you ask when buying a home? Are you helping loved ones assess the safety of their current home? This checklist covers the basics needed for a lifetime home, a visitable home, a safe home. Click here to find out the basics needed for a friendly house.



Safety checklist: Bathroom MainShowerNaketa

Non-slip flooring is a fundamental component for a safer bathroom.  Smaller tiles in the shower means greater grout lines and more traction for the feet.  No step to navigate over with a barrier-free entry. Click for more on bathroom safety.



Safety checklist: Kitchen Gaggenau lift oven

Increasingly, the kitchen is as much a place of gathering as it is for cooking so it is important that it supports the needs of the entire household. Ideally it is made up of features that are safe, beautiful and provide seamless use for all, like this Gaggenau lift often, left, that glides open with an elevator movement, allowing for loading without reaching into a hot oven; The heat stays trapped above.

Find the best suited floor plan to give your kitchen a seamless flow or click here for more on kitchen safety.


Safety checklist: Bedroom BeckmannSunkenBedroom

Step-down living spaces may have a cozy appeal but they also create a potential barrier to entry for someone with a mobility issue, whether temporary or permanent.  Click here for more on bedroom safety.



Safety checklist: Closet Showroom closet

The closet might not be a space particularly thought of in regards to importance in safety but it has its own special pitfalls that are important to think of when designing and maintaining the space.  Click here for more on closet safety.



Safety checklist: Dining room Optimized-NAHLV Dining table

Attention to certain details when choosing a dining set can make all the difference in regards to dining room safety.  Click here to find out out more.



Additional lists:

Safety checklist: Laundry

Safety checklist: Living areas

Safety checklist: Doors, stairs, hallways

Safety checklist: Communications and safety systems

Safety checklist: Storage, garage and basement

Safety checklist: Exterior

Safety checklist: Electrical and water systems

Anything to add? Tweet us your suggestion @AFriendlyHouse